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How to CREATE Catch Phrases that SEIZE an Audience

Internet Marketing is a game of catch phrases.

With such a massive flood of information and advertising, no one has time to read it all. Instead, people go in search of link building software that which can give them the most value for their time and satisfy what they want.

Most times, people skim the vast amounts of type and catch only on certain words or phrases that interest them.
How then can your classified ad headline stand up and pique that interest and increase youtube views?
Simply put, what all Internet marketers and users are seeking is knowledge, opportunity and value. You must then use phrases and words that most immediately relate your product or business to the areas of knowledge, opportunity, or value.
'How to?' is the most common question among beginning marketers. So why not answer it for them right in the title of your classified? Show what you will teach them about, and what they can accomplish with it. After all, this is the knowledge they are seeking.
How to CREATE Catch Phrases that SEIZE an Audience.

How to DESIGN a Web Site that Will MAKE Sales.

How to INCREASE Sales with Repeat Customers.
Highlighting the action words in the sentence is a particularly good idea for headlines because it draws a question in the readers mind. Create what? Design what? Increase what?
This then draws them in for a closer look.
Other phrases that appeal to the knowledge seeker are designed to show them that they will find knowledge if they look where you are guiding them. Use action words that present immediate possibilities.
Discover... Explore... See this... Find the answers... Learn the Secrets...
Then highlight what it is they will be able to discover, explore, see, find, or learn. Such as...
EXPLORE the Possibilities of EZINE PUBLISHING.

DISCOVER the Power of Headline CATCH PHRASES.
This is a call to action leading directly to a specific topic. Anyone at all interested in that subject will at least read the rest of what your ad has to offer.
People are always ready to learn about money making opportunities, if they sound credible. In these cases, use action phrases that illustrate what is to be gained by the opportunity.
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Another method is to ask if they are looking for a particular opportunity. A question can often stand out among the many other direct statements. In this case highlight the direct benefit that will be achieved if the question is answered.
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First off, free is not really a value. While pointing out that a service or product is free can be beneficial, it's not really a catch phrase anymore. Simply put, it's too common place. Use phrases that associate your product or opportunity with other things of KNOWN value.
Headline Your Ads with Catch Phrases of Pure Gold

This Automated Business is a True Work of Art
Showing value by illustration assigns it subconsciously to the rest of your ad. If it relates to the value of pure gold or art, it must be worth looking into.
These have been just a few short examples. The important things to remember is what readers are looking for --- knowledge, opportunity, and value.
Think over what you are advertising. If it is educational, advertise what knowledge it provides. If it is an opportunity, show what it affords. If its something hard to explain in a one line headline, try just stating what it is and relate it to something else of known value.
Headline titles exist only to catch interest. Don't try to put too much into them. In fact, your entire classified ad should have only one goal -- solicit a response. Then rely on your web site or email to do the rest. Often, ads that try to involve too much detail will not be read anyway.
Headlines should be designed to catch the skimmer and pique interest. Catch words or phrases are what get that job done.

Written by Joe Bingham of the NetPlay Newsletter
Joe is a widely published and acclaimed Internet marketing author. His business includes doing promotional article writing for Internet businesses and the NetPlay Newsletter ezine.
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