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Link Building Software

  Backlinks are the holy grail of SEO and we all know how hard it is to get free backlinks. One option is to buy or hire links, another is to buy link building software. Most people who are into SEO link building hire cheap labor in countries like India or phillipines to build links by hand. This though is a cheap option the quality of links my not be quite up to standards.

There are several folk on sites like fiverr who are willing to build links back to your site for just five bucks. But when you inquire more you realize that they are just using software like senuke x to build the links for you. Link building software thats like senuke has one inherent flaw and that is that all the users of the software are using the same list of sites which end up banning those sites. So you are like a hamster on a wheel, building links that simply get deleted by the site admin...  [More]


Increase Youtube Views

As marketers we know the tremendous marketing potential that youtube offers. So anybody thats on youtube would want to increase youtube views to their channels and videos too.
There have been a myriad of services and software that claim to help in that department. Some have died a quick death over the years as these were mostly just little apps that were created by hiring coders on freelance sites. Now site automation is a beast thats ever changing to address changes that the sites undergo. So every time youtube made changes, the apps needed a recode, which was not affordable to most of the software vendors are they relied on a one time payment model.

There has been another type off service that people have offered to increase youtube views by using proxies to simulate human views, which has not been very successful either.
Youtube views increaser software that are priced at a low monthly payment have relatively stayed successful in the market [More]

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"Novasoft were great as even though we are great at outsourcing wifi wlan security gadgets, our competency in the microsoft platfrom was very limited. Our client loved the final work they delivered. I highly recommend them especially for their after sales support"

- Christoph Cemper
hardware hacks firmware modification

"NovaSoft provided us with a First Class software solution.
They are extremely professional and have fantastic business attitude and only delivers quality and well thought out code. I have no hesitation in referring NovaSoft to any potential software buyers. I look forward to working together again into the future"

- Mark Norman
IncNet, Australia

"Great Work, we loved it and look forward to future associations with them"

Stuart Greig
x2cms Website Builder


Very efficient and timely. Finished product well ahead of my schedule. This was a wonderful experience. Plan on using them again.

-Matthew Webb
EZMapit Inc,Tampa,USA



































































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