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The Alexa Toolbar can now block pop ups (10,000,000 Users not seeing your AD).

The Netscape 7.0 Browser has a built in popup blocker( almost 52 million users never seeing your popup ad).

Earthlink provides its users with a popup blocker( prospects who cant see your ad:5,000,000.

AOL released version 8.0 with Popup Blocking capabilities.(Total Subscribers: 35,000,000).

Bottom line: 40 million customers never see your advertisement!






Testimonials more

"Hoverads are the way to go. Until I got to know about Hover Ad generator, I didn't realize how much of my internet advertising budget I was really losing" 

- Christopher Eckhart

"The price that they are charging for this Hover Ad Script is pocket change compared to the amount of money I saved in terms of recovered sales Best of all they offer a Free Hover Ad download trial"

-Joe Spath 

"Most marketers know that up to 40% of sales can come from autoresponder follow-ups to opt-in subscribers, and the best way to get opt-in customer are Hover Ads. The buggers are unstoppable!"

-Jack Wu


"This one tool is a must have for every marketing online. Novasoft has taken the time tested and proven popup concept to a new level proving that popups do work! Heck that's why large sites like MSN, ESPN and even AOL use popups... Even though you need tweaked versions like the Hover Ad to make it fool proof"

-Roy Brown

















































































































































































" Breakthrough Hover Ad Technology that instantly  tripled my sales...and how YOU
too can
profit from responsive customers ! "

 "The 2 months it took me to build this software were well worth it as in less than a week after using this software on my own site, I saw an INSTANT increase in subscribers...more than 78% in under 48 hours!"

Congratulations, Satya. Hover Ad Generator is clearly a winner, because it helped me boosting my new subscribers tremendously.
All I have done was to install a
Hover Ad Script here, at
http://profits.cc/forum and the rate of new subscribers increased by 145% within the first month, without making them angry about pop-ups.

Armando Silva - Internet Marketing Reviewer

Dear Internet Friend,

My secret is amazingly simple. Hover Ads!

Spammer, you say? well hear me out. I know most people equate popups with Spam and don't believe in their effectiveness. 

But, the plain and simple truth is that pop-ups are an extremely powerful tool for instantly increasing your sales and exploding the number of opt-in subscribers to your newsletter.

Quite a few marketers have killed their business and at the same time made the popup the most hated phenomenon, only second to SPAM.

The main reason that their pop ups fail is because they are the rude interrupting variety which at times trap the user into a unending loop.

How smart marketers profit off popups while others ruin both their business and reputation by abusing the technology...

Unlike the majority, an intelligent few of my fellow internet marketers and I have been profiting from this strategy that is criticized and written off by most site owners.

Popups that provide relevant information to users in a non intrusive way do work!
This is because you are providing information to visitors to your site, that they have been looking for actively.

Little do these irresponsible marketers know what they are missing out on!

Well How do I know Hover Ads work?

Well, unless you completely missed the first line of this page, Hover Ads have dramatically increased my opt-ins and my sales!

Its quite embarrassing to admit this but when I was using conventional pop ups,  my conversion rates were abysmally low.

The Wake up call that got me focused on the real issue!

A few months ago, a close friend and fellow marketer asked me a question that shocked me.

She said "Aren't you using some form of opt-in list?"

"Of course" I replied "don't you get the opt-in subscription popup when you visit my site?"

"NO, I don't. Oh, maybe its because of the popup blocker that the new Google toolbar comes with" she said.

I was shocked. How could I have been so stupid. No wonder my opt-in requests were going down hill.

Just in case you're not familiar with pop-up blockers, allow me to explain... Over the past year, a lot companies have been releasing software designed to block pop-ups, so that anyone who has the software installed can control how many pop-ups they see or even block them totally.

The Big Guys were killing the Little Guys like me...

What's worse, most major Internet service providers and software makers, including AOL, Earthlink, Google, Alexa and Netscape, representing millions of your  prospects and customers, are providing their users with the ability to turn off pop ups - which includes your advertising!

Google and Alexa have added this popup blocking technology into their toolbars and the average person has no idea that they are installing pop-up blockers when they innocently download the toolbars offered by these giants.

And no points for guessing... the popup blockers are switched on without asking the users.

This programmer doesn't take things lying down!

I knew I had to do something -- and fast, so I started researching solutions that would get around popup blockers.

After hours of research I finally figured out the solution.

The technology lets you create amazing animated floating ads that look and behave like pop-ups but are actually a part of the main web page, so the popup blockers can't stop them.

Confused? Don't be..

Unlike pop-ups which open new browser windows, these ads are part of your web page.

After congratulating myself on my brilliant discovery, I said to myself  "A name, they need a name"

So I named them Hover Ads ™.

"The feature that truly separates Hover Ad Generator™ from its competitors is its GUI interface that enables you to customize the look and feel of the popup ads.
Not only can you select the size and position of the popup, but you can actually design the look and feel of the popup message including fonts, graphics, links and embedded tables. 

This feature alone is worth the price of the tool. I highly recommend Hover Ad Generator™. "

Steven Schneiderman - Marketing Consultant and CEO Schneiderman & Associates, LLC

Well, I went ahead and did it...

Lets face it, most people are clueless about JavaScript. Even installing a simple script from a freebie sites is a biggie for most folk, leave alone customizing it for their own site.

This is why I created Hover Ad Generator ™.

The programmer in me doesn't rest till he automates everything, so I went ahead and wrote a software that automates the creation of Hover Ads and that's how Hover Ad Generator was born.


Create Popup blocker-proof, eye-catching, animated, Rich Media Hover Ads™ without knowing one bit of programming...

Hover Ad Generator™ makes creating HoverAds a breeze. Just about anybody can create these amazing Ads in under a minute.

No matter how technically inexperienced you are, Hover AD Generator™ will let you create eye catching, animated Rich Media Ads that will captivate your audience.. and what's more you can add this to your site in under a minute, by following the detailed step by step instructions from the guide.


Still don't know what an Hover AD™ is?

Did you notice the ad that dropped down on your screen when you visited this page?

Did it grab your attention? Well the groups of testers who tried out this software before we released it were spell bound!

Imagine what this will do to your website visitors...They won't be able to get their eyes off it!

And this is just one of the five different styles of Hover Ads you can add to your website.

Hover Ad™ Styles

Window Style

This Hover Ad™ looks like a Classic Microsoft Window.
It can be maximized, minimized, dragged around, resized and of course closed.

Click Here to see a classic window style Hover Ad™ in action
(opens in new window)


Opt-in Automator™  Style

This Hover Ad™ is the most incredible subscription system on the internet. This amazing Hover Ad will automate your subscriber list signup.

No more
lost subscribers who were lazy to fill up your opt-in form.

It allows lets your prospects sign up for your opt in list by simply clicking a button. No more filling up subscription forms. You subsequently receive a mail with their name and email id.

This Hover Ad is far superior to standard JavaScript opt-in alert boxes

Click Here to see a Opt-in Automator ™ style Hover Ad in action (opens in new window)


Sale Bagger™ Style

This is an ad modeled after the famous Stephen Pierce popup also called an order grabber.
If the visitor leaves your order page without buying your product, he is shown this ad with a live countdown timer.

Here you can pitch your discounted sale offer. If the prospect closes the Ad or the countdown expires, the visitor is never again shown the ad. This add a sense of realism to your offer, and that it is indeed a one time special deal. Studies show this kind of ad increases sales by up to 200%. 


Wiggler™ Style

This Hover Ad™ falls in from the top of the browser window and "Wiggles" like its name say. Can't be missed!

The Hover that dropped down when you visited this page was a "wiggler" in action

Click Here to see a Wiggler Style Hover Ad™ in action
(opens in new window)


Sticky Note™ Style

This Hover Ad™ looks like a PostIt Sticky Note™, can be dragged around and closed.



No other product in the market offers you so many features or so many different styles!!

Hover Ad Generator™ has a simple 3 step wizard that lets even the novice create these eye-catching creations in under a minute.

Even the advanced features are a breeze to use.

  • Timed or delayed Hover Ads™ are a great way of making your Hover Ads appear only after your visitor has become comfortable at your site. This way you can gently persuade the visitor without being too pushy.
  • Add external flash, audio, video , Ad rotator scripts or an entire new page as the source of your Hover Ad.
  • Built in WYSIWYG Editor that lets you edit the content without relying on any external program
  • Cookie tracking lets you set them so that they only appear once per session. This way repeat visitors don't see the same ad again and again, and so does not become annoying.

Create professional looking Hover Ads in under a minute in these 3 simple steps

After starting up the Hover Ad Creator software, you can create Hover Ads by simply following the steps provided by the wizard style interface.

Step1: Choose your style of Hover Ad™. Depending on the situation, choose your style of Hover Ad.

Step 2: Add your content using the built in WYSIWYG Editor, or choose an external webpage as the source for your Hover Ad

Step 3: Press the generate button.

Now all you need to do is copy paste the generated code into your webpage and that's all there is to it. Easy as apple pie!

Explode your Subscriptions and Boost your Profits from both first time and repeat customers

Hover Ads can be used in many innovative ways.

  • Use Hover Ads to Hold polls and surveys: This way you can get useful feedback from your visitors
  • Use the opt-in Hover Ad to capture email addresses from visitors by offering them your latest e-book
  • Add Hover Ads on your thank you pages to introduce them you your other products. Since they are already in the buying mood there is a pretty good chance that they will do so again.
  • Add tips of the day in your Hover Ads and change them every so often to keep them interesting
  • Add a ad rotator script as the source to your hover ad and get Rotating Hover Ads™

Maximize your visitor-to-customer conversion ratio by using Hover Ads with Google Adwords.

All smart marketers know that by capturing the visitor's email address, and then following up with them via an effective auto-responder campaign, you can more than double your chances of closing the sale.

Pop-ups are a very effective way of doing but unfortunately Google "Adwords" does not permit pop ups on your landing page.

BUT Hover Ads are not pop-ups, but a part of your page and so are permissible!


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Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 and above

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